Path of the Patriots
A Tourist Guide to Paris During the French Revolution
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Set - Vols. I and II
Price: € 44.95

Volume I
Paperback 5 x 8 in.
Pages: 668
Price: € 24.95

Volume II
Paperback 5 x 8 in.
Pages: 705
Price: € 24.95

About the Author

Jan Kelley is from London, but has spent much of her adult life in other places, including New York, Boston and Paris. Her professional life has been equally varied, ranging from teacher to translator and writer. A life-long love of history coupled with living in the ancient heart of Paris led her to write this book.

“It took all the daring of an English author to write a guide that transports the walker back in time to the Paris of the French Revolution. From the dwindling splendour of a Versailles cut off from the realities of late 18th-century France, Jan Kelley leads us with passion and enthusiasm, animated by numerous contemporary eye-witness accounts, on a comprehensive and detailed journey through a Paris full of darkness and of hope. Her book illuminates this difficult and complex period -one that opened the door to a shining age of liberty.”

- Frédéric Lacaille,  
Curator, Musée National des Chateaux de Versailles et Trianon

Step into the Revolution that changed the world!

Path of the Patriots is a two volume goldmine of tales and anecdotes about this turbulent period in Paris's history, and it tells you where to eat and drink while reading them.

You don't need to know anything about the French Revolution to enjoy Path of the Patriots, because this historical time-trip tells you everything!

You'll see squatters in the Louvre and places of savage massacres and beheadings where Parisians now sit eating their sandwiches.

The books are so full of fascinating stories, you'll enjoy them just as much sitting at home with a glass of wine as you will when you're wandering around the beautiful French capital. You'll never look at Paris in the same way again!